speed stampede

Speed Stampede

Sports Car Club of Rockford


SPEED STAMPEDE Multiple Event Race Weekend

October 1-2, 2016

At Blackhawk Farms Raceway

sports car club of rockford

HPDE – “High-Speed Driving Experience”

Saturday A.M. only

This event is open for drivers seeking track time in a street or race car. Total scheduled

track time is 60 minutes, divided into 3 twenty-minute sessions for 3 levels of driving

experience. Tech inspection is required and attending the drivers meeting is mandatory

to be allowed out on the track. Beginners are welcome and need to attend an additional

novice drivers meeting where the basics will be covered and instructors are available.

Snell 2005 or newer helmets (SA or M), long-sleeve shirt, long pants and closed toe

shoes required or driver’s suit.

$100 Members $120 Non-members

See Schedule and Regulations in the online entry packet


HSAX – “High-Speed Autocross”

Saturday All-Day

The A.M. HPDE doubles as practice sessions for afternoon HSAX timed runs. Tech

inspection or Annual Tech Sticker required and drivers meeting is mandatory. All HPDE

info above applies. It is the driver’s responsibility to classify his/her car. Car classes can

be found in the HSAX section of the General Competition Rules (GCR) at (GCR)

$160 Members $170 Non-members

See Schedule and Regulations in the online entry packet



Last HPDE and HSAX of the Midwestern Council Season!


The Handicap Scramble Bonus Race

This will be a 15 lap Handicap Scramble Race which is won by completing the race

closest to your predicted calculated time without breaking out and going under the time.

See attached entry form in the packet and attend drivers meeting for more details. The

scramble is limited to 40 cars so get your spot reserved today. Trophies will be awarded

to the top 3 finishers.

$Free and open to HPDE/HSAX/W2W (closed wheel) Speed Stampede entrants!


W2W – “Wheel to Wheel” Road Racing

Sunday All-Day

Race Event #9: Expect red-hot- head-to- head points battles for the Season

Championships! And even if you are not running for points, expect to enjoy all the thrills

of flat out racing in the blazing glory of a beautiful fall day! Winter is just around the

corner so, “…gather ye rosebuds while ye may…”, Carpe Diem!

$255 and up





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